NBPC Statement on AUO Decertifications

On January 22, 23, and 24th (2015), Chief Fisher appeared at several musters in the Tucson Sector and informed agents of the imminent de-authorization of AUO. The timing of his announcement caught everyone off guard; however, the announcement about the de-authorization itself should not have caught anyone off guard. Due to the ongoing legal issues of AUO, the agency has been slowly decertifying Border Patrol Agents in phases. The first phase was management at HQ and all academy personnel; the second phase was upper managers at the sector level; the third phase was second line supervisors and above at both the station and sector levels as well as certain details at both the stations and sectors, and the last phase, which apparently will happen soon is the rest of the Border Patrol. The culmination of which, is the total de-authorization of OBP.

The agency is waiting for legal guidance from OPM on how to proceed with the de-authorization, but upon receipt of that guidance, the NBPC should be properly notified, followed by each individual agent. The de-authorization cannot take place until at least 30 days after you receive your notice. There is no exact time line on when OPM will provide it's guidance, but as Chief Fisher put out in the musters, we know it will happen soon, and at that time, he will move forward with CBP’s plan to de-authorize all agents.

In order to get out in front of this issue, the NBPC has been in contact with the agency in an effort to obtain working conditions that will benefit all agents. There are several initiatives being worked on at this time Although we cannot get into the specifics at this time, we can tell you that your pay checks, due to negotiations, should not suffer and in some cases will actually increase. We can also tell you that we are confident that we will be going away from clean shifts and that an alternative work schedule will be provided. Specific details will be given when the issue is finalized.

If you have any questions, please get with your Local Union Executive Board Officers and if they do not have an answer readily available, they will get you one.

This topic was also discussed in the latest edition of NBPC's State of the Union podcast.

Tell CBP what you think about VF Solutions

As you may already know, the VF Solutions website is again accepting orders for uniform items. We cannot remember the last time, if ever, that CBP asked us for feedback regarding the uniform program or VF Solutions, so we're hoping this survey will paint a picture for them.

Please only participate in this survey if you are a U.S. Border Patrol employee and you order uniform items through the VF Solutions website. It should only take 5 minutes to complete. You will not be required to provide your name or any other identifying information.

Please send the below link to any USBP employee nationwide, including management -- we want to have the largest sample that we can get.

Click here to access the survey.

VSP and VF Solutions update

The first batch of employees transferring under Del Rio Sector's Voluntary Swap Program pilot will EOD at the start of PP2. The remaining employees will move during PP3 - PP5.

The second round will open up in April.

VF Solutions
Now that VF Solutions has opened up again for USBP employees, we're seeing the usual spate of complaints regarding the ever increasing prices and lack of in-stock items. There are also plenty of orders from last year that still haven't been shipped.

Please take a short uniform-related NBPC survey, here: http://bit.ly/1AWaeDt

This topic is also addressed in this week's edition of the NBPC's The Green Line podcast:

Barrett Blick funeral information

Border Patrol Agent Barrett Blick passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer. NBPC Local 2366 and Border Patrol agents everywhere extend our condolences to his family and friends.

Below is the service information:

Porter Loring Mortuary Home (North)
2102 N Loop 1604 E
San Antonio, TX 78232

The public viewing will take place at the funeral home on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, at 4pm-8pm.

The service and final honors will also be at the funeral home on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, at 10am.

We're not aware of a separate fund for donations for the family, but the page on youcaring.com still exists, here.

Border Patrol Pay Reform Act Frequently Asked Questions

From the National Border Patrol Council: The following are the most common questions or concerns we receive about the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act with their corresponding answers.

View a copy of the bill that was recently signed by the president, here (PDF).

Question: Does the report that is required by the agency and the subsequent analysis by the GAO give the agency authority to unilaterally lower an agent’s rate of overtime pay from Level 1 to a lower level or from Level 2 to the basic rate of pay?

Answer: No. The most common section that has caused confusion is found close to the end of the law on page 25, line 21 as shown on the NBPC Website. This section talks about a “Comprehensive Staffing Analysis.” This analysis is a report that must be submitted by...

Know your rights during a critical incident


This NBPC Legal Division Advisory is being put out due to possible misunderstandings regarding an agent’s rights when that agent is involved in an agent involved shooting, critical incident or use of force incident. It has been reported that agents have been told by investigators that they are “required” to give a statement regarding such incidents and in the past, some have gone so far as to threaten agents and their representatives with arrest for impeding their investigations because the agent declines to give a statement or wants to talk with their representative before giving a statement. Unfortunately, there are some managers who are equally misinformed and have repeated the same position – telling agents that they are required to give statements to local law enforcement regarding such incidents.


NBPC response to Politico article

November 5, 2014

This article is in response to the recent article “The Green Monster” written by Garrett M. Graff.

As president of the National Border Patrol Council, I have the honor of representing the
hardworking, dedicated and patriotic individuals who protect our nation. I would walk
through fire to protect the integrity of our 16,000-plus members. But I will never defend
the indefensible.


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