Border agents cleared of civil rights complaints from illegal immigrant children

Internal investigators have already dismissed most complaints of civil rights violations against federal agents handling the surge of illegal immigrant children on the border, the Homeland Security Department inspector general said in a new report Thursday that details near-heroic efforts agents and officers are making.

In its first report since the surge, the inspector general said agents have contracted everything from scabies and lice to chickenpox, including bringing the disease home to their own children, as they care for the unaccompanied minors. Investigators also said they saw instances of agents and officers spending their own money to buy toys, clothing and food for children and families.

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Pay Reform Rumors

After NBPC President Brandon Judd attended musters in Del Rio Sector yesterday, some new rumors popped up that have been gaining traction around the country.

Judd never said that AUO was going to be de-authorized on October 1, 2014. He did, however, say that DHS mandated CBP and all other components that use AUO to come up with new policies, training, and directives that are designed to monitor and scrutinize the use of AUO to the letter of the law. If CBP cannot properly implement said policies and directives or if the effort isn't worth it, AUO will be de-authorized in favor of targeted enforcement similar to what happened with USCIS, NPPD, and USSS. There is no set date for de-authorization; the training module has been completed, but it hasn't been rolled out yet.

Another rumor circulating is that Judd said that Ajo Station has been de-authorized of the use of AUO. He did not say that. Ajo has not been de-authorized.

Judd discussed the BP station in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The PAIC there sent an email to the station in which he placed several restrictions on the agents regarding the use of AUO and as a result of that email, everyone in Grand Marais was unable to justify even 10% and each and every agent was decertified at the end of the computation period. Brandon said that Ajo, one of the busiest stations in the country, recently went to four shifts to gear up for the loss of AUO. Their SOS sent out a similarly restrictive email, but it was later rescinded, because the policies, training, and directives hadn't been implemented yet.

NBPC President Brandon Judd Visiting Musters in DRT

On August 4th and 5th, NBPC President Brandon Judd will be visiting musters in Del Rio Sector. He has a limited amount of time, so he won't be able to visit every station. Chief Karisch will be present for some of them and other personnel from Sector will be present at other musters. Everyone is encouraged to attend, including management. Below is a schedule of the musters Judd will be attending:

August 4
6:00 am - Carrizo Springs Station
8:00 am - Eagle Pass Station
4:00 pm - Del Rio Station

August 5
8:00 am - Eagle Pass North Station
4:00 pm - Comstock Station

The PAICs of Rocksprings, Brackettville, and Uvalde have all been notified of the musters and were asked to allow interested agents to attend if manpower permits. If you are at one of those stations, check with your management for permission to go if you are interested.

NBPC 5 Minute CBA Training: Articles 3A & 6

View the previous video about Article 1 of the CBA, here.

Border Patrol Union: TSA Lying, Changed Policy After Breitbart Report

In a Breitbart Texas exclusive, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) directly challenged the truthfulness of public statements made by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The TSA spokesman used social media to claim that Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby and the NBPC were lying about a recent report that the TSA is allowing illegal aliens to fly on commercial airliners without verifiable identification.

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Meetings will now take place bimonthly

Due to poor attendance at the monthly union meetings, the membership has voted to have meetings every other month instead of monthly.

The next meeting will take place at the union office in Eagle Pass at 2149 Del Rio Blvd on September 11, 2014, at 7:00 pm.

As always, the next meeting will be posted on

Border Patrol Union Applauds Senate Committee Passage of Pay Reform Bill

Border Patrol Union Applauds Senate Committee Passage of Pay Reform Bill

Senate bill would provide agents with fair and equitable pay system while reducing payroll costs

WASHINGTON – The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents more than 16,500 Border Patrol agents and support staff, applauds Senate committee passage of legislation to reform the Border Patrol pay system.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee yesterday approved S. 1691, the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act. The bill now goes to the full Senate.


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