Effects of sequestration

The possibility of sequestration and the trauma of the drastic cuts that would be realized if it came to pass have been haunting America since Congress agreed to the idea in the summer of 2011. Despite Congress having close to two years to avert the draconian cuts, which countless financial experts state would cripple economic recovery, it has failed to do so. Some of the consequences of such a steep cut to the budget of the Border Patrol is decreased border security, an increase in illegal immigration and narcotic smuggling, a reduced number of federal prosecutions, and a more dangerous workplace for Border Patrol employees.

This afternoon the National Border Patrol Council was notified by the Service of the impact of sequestration (see link below). The biggest consequence to the agents is the possible reduction of pay by more than 40 percent through across-the-board decertification of AUO and regular furloughs. Additionally, some Border Patrol support staff may be forced to endure lengthier furloughs or release from federal employment in their futures.

NBPC Local 2366 has taken the initial steps to advise local congresspeople of our position that meat cleaver-style cuts result in more problems, employee bankruptcy, mission failure and unemployment, instead of solutions. We will meet with Congressman Pete Gallego this Friday, February 22, to advocate our position and appeal for a more rational way to reign in government spending. This is just the beginning, we plan to actively engage our country's leaders to insure the best deal for the bargaining unit and America.

Check this page regularly for updates.

Click here for an article posted on Local 2544's website.

A copy of the proposal sent from DC may be found here.


I am a concerned citizen that would like to help. You mentioned speaking to members of congress. What can we do?

The best thing that can be done is to CALL your congressperson in both the House and Senate and let them know that while you understand that some cuts need to be made to reduce the expanding Federal deficit, sequestration is not the answer. A better approach would be a plan to reduce across the board expenses, within departments and entitlements, and close tax loopholes.

Once you have placed that call, have your adult friends and family members do the same. once they have done so, ask them to pass the word on to their friends and family. From our experience, calls seem to be more effective than letters or emails as they are more personal and require increased effort on the part of the party initiating contact.

Your Congressperson and their contact information can be found at this link: http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

Thank you for your concern. Together we can work to avert this financial catastrophe.


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