Press Release on Kidnappings/Assaults in McAllen, Texas

San Diego, CA – March 14, 2014 – The 17,000 members of the National Border Patrol Council wish to express their deepest condolences over the recent tragedy that occurred on March 12th and 13th in McAllen, Texas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this heinous crime. We cannot begin to fathom the pain and trauma they have suffered...

FLSA Lawsuit

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) has coordinated with the law firm of Woodley & McGillivary to file a collective lawsuit against the Agency for its failure to provide appropriate Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) payments to Border Patrol agents and Border Patrol agent canine handlers. More details concerning the lawsuit, and a consent/retainer form can be found in a letter that you may have received in the last two weeks. While the case is in its early stages, the attorneys have determined that it would be prudent to refrain from sharing the full nature of the charges at the moment. What we can tell you now is...

USBP Use of Force Press Release

IMPORTANT: This information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time, or sent to others using government equipment, because it suggests action to be taken in support of and/or against legislation. Do not list your government email or government address in filling out this message, and do not use a government provided phone for this action.


San Diego, CA – March 3, 2014 – “Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground.” Samuel 17:49

The stoning of Goliath by David was not the first killing using rocks, nor will it be the last. Rocks can maim and kill just as easily as a knife or a firearm. Every day on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Border Patrol agents are assaulted with rocks, bricks, and other projectiles. These weapons are readily available and have the potential to do great harm... continued below.

Cancer Fund for Uvalde Agent

Border Patrol Agent Barrett Blick is currently fighting a battle with cancer and is in need of support from agents everywhere so that he can receive treatment at a clinic in Germany. Every little bit helps!

Visit his donation page at the link below:

A CrossFit Competition will take place on February 22 at Shotgun CrossFit in Uvalde. Register below:

Shirts for the competition can be purchased here:

Congressional Hearing About AUO

To watch today's hearing about AUO, click here.

Office of Special Counsel's letter to the President about AUO from October 2013 can be viewed here (PDF).

Another Body Slam Coming for AUO

NBPC Brandon Judd and Chief Fisher will be testifying in front of Congress today (01/28/2014) around 2:00 PM EST about AUO. Check CSPAN for coverage.

The following article was originally posted on NBPC Local 2544's website.

NBPC has received information from very good sources that sometime this week, and possibly as early as today, DHS will notify OBP that the use of AUO for managers at HQ, the Situation Room and all agents at the Academy and Asset Forfeiture will no longer be allowed. These were the specific areas most recently investigated by OSC, but OSC is continuing and expanding their investigation into Sector and Station level use of AUO.

Continued below...

Congressional Negotiators Reach Deal on Omnibus Spending Plan

It is 1,582 pages of give and take—some might even dare to call it compromise—that provides at least a nine-month truce in the fierce fighting over the federal budget that has torn Congress asunder for years.

Like the budget agreement that preceded it, the omnibus spending bill for the remainder of fiscal 2014 unveiled Monday night by congressional appropriators represents a small deal that provides few changes and no major overhauls to key programs targeted by each party.

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